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With a degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance and a post graduate in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, our founder has a strong passion for business.

Having made both, mistakes and success, his journey and experience can help you succeed in different stages of your business.

With over 10 years experience in hospitality, he has also run numerous other businesses outside of hospitality which has helped with his “out of the box thinking” approach.

“Day to day stress of low turnover and percentages not adding up is a rut you don’t want to be caught in, believe me” Having been involved in three business that have not succeeded, the sleepless nights and the feeling of financial stress is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone”

We are here to use our experience to help get you out of a bad situation or to help you avoid a bad situation.

Owning a Cafe can be a dream, why invest in a franchise when you can create your own model, we can help you achieve this without the huge investment costs.

Having started numerous businesses from scratch, having sold businesses and having taken over businesses we can help you with any aspect of a Cafe’s life cycle.

Our industry knowledge can help you achieve a successful ” start -up ” or better your existing business.

Here are some of the points we focus on:

  • Marketing, branding and social media tools
  • Suppliers which will reduce your cost of goods ” COGS “
  • Our staff expertise and wages models which will help you hit percentages you need
  • Sales growth and efficient workflow systems
  • Effective and efficient ordering and operating systems
  • Cafe layout, comfort, acoustics and ambiance to optimise customer satisfaction
  • Accounting models, costings, effective budgets and percentage targets
  • BAS, Superannuation and cash flow optimisation
  • Wages, Contracts and employee legal issues
  • Avoid location issues, help with Development Applications and Concept Drawings

Let us help you achieve your dream to own a cafe, we have a simple system that doesn’t cost you any upfront fees. Have a read through ” How We Work” for further details.

We look forward to working with you!

We can help you achieve more

Branding - Marketing - Growth

Simply hit the Contact Tab and drop us an e-mail with your details, or read "How We Work" in our Menu Tab for a better idea of the process.

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